Thursday, May 23

Flood hits several villages in Baram


The situation in Long Selaan as at yesterday.

MIRI: Several villages in upper Baram are now inundated in f lood waters due to continuous downpour in the past few days.

As at noon yesterday, among the villages hit by floods were Lio Mato, Long Tungan, Long Selaan, and Long Anyat.

Baram MP Anyi Ngau, when contacted yesterday, said the water level in Baram had risen, and he had given instructions for the situation to be closely monitored.

Based on the report he received, he said the flooding in Long Anyat was bad, forcing the villagers to leave their belongings behind and evacuate to higher grounds.

“I have talked to the Miri Resident and the district officer (DO) about the situation in upper Baram, and the DO told me he had asked the police to monitor the situation closely.”

The water levels in Linai and Tutoh Apoh were also said to be rising.

Anyi said the Disaster Relief Committee was now on standby mode.

Meanwhile, people living in Tinjar, Baram, have been advised to brace themselves for possible floods if the water level continued to rise in the next few days.

A Long Jegan resident, when contacted yesterday, also said water level in his area was rising.

“If the rain continues, surely we will have to evacuate,” she said.