Tuesday, December 6

Kenyalang 3D Mural set to give fresh new look to area


KUCHING: The general public, especially residents of Kenyalang Park, is invited to witness the unveiling of Kenyalang 3D Mural and enjoy various artistic endeavours tomorrow at Kenyalang.

SUPP Pending Youth, in a press release yesterday, said the artistes and organiser were delighted to bring a fresh new look to Kenyalang as well as to bring the community together. The Youth group emphasised it was keen to work with the public to enhance the physical atmosphere of Kenyalang. The public can also join the artistes to create the stunning and unique 3D Mural.

The project was led by Gerald Goh, David Chew and Angelina Bong who were also the instructor and creator of the 3D Mural at Boulevard Shopping Mall.

Goh, currently the Sarawak Artists’ Society vice president, has over 20 years of experience in art shows and exhibitions.

His works of art were mainly focused on human portraits and he has vast experience in interior designing for hotels and resorts.

Chew, who is Sarawak Artists’ Society president, is a well-known abstract expressionist artist in Sarawak. His famous artworks include using the drip-and-pour technique, also known as action painting.

A member artist of the Malaysia National Visual Arts Gallery, he has participated in various arts projects and exhibitions both local and abroad such as Poland International Art Camp and Art Camp Kota Kinabalu.

Bong is an accomplished professional in Fashion and Retail Design who immersed herself in the fashion business and education industry. A lover of the arts, she seeks freedom of expression through writing, storytelling, designing, painting and sketching.

She also represented Malaysia in international competition and projects. Bong is passionate about promoting peace, love and harmony through arts. She is currently working to publish her first novel.

The project chairlady Kho Teck Ee urged the public to come and support this event and take the opportunity to learn arts and crafts through various activities lined up for this Sunday.

She also invites talented individuals to participate in the colour sketching contest.

The highlights of of the event in the lead-up to the unveiling at 4.30pm include 3D Mural creation from 8am to 4pm, Batik, Beading and Bamboo Basket demonstrations (9am – 4pm) and Colour Sketching Contest (8.30am – 1pm).

Registration for the colour sketching contest is free of charge. The public can obtain registration forms and more information from SUPP Pending Branch by contacting 082-335373, or download the forms from Pending Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SUPP.Pending or email to supppen.es@gmail.com.