Wednesday, December 6

Civil Defence Dept prepared for flooding


Mohtar (right) helps a JPAM member with her life jacket. — Photo by Jeffery Mostapa

KUCHING: The Civil Defence Department (JPAM) Sarawak is ready to be mobilised in the event of flooding during the monsoon season.

State JPAM director Colonel (PA) Mohtar Samat said 1,000 JPAM Sarawak personnel are ready to be mobilised within the first hour of flooding and 5,000 for follow-up action.

To date, 42,107 Sarawakians have registered as civil defence personnel.

“We are expecting more and heavier rain in January and we are preparing to mobilise in the event of floods. We are also preparing for the worst.

“All our personnel’s leave have also been frozen for the time being,” he told a press conference yesterday.

Mohtar said JPAM Sarawak had taken early measures such as community engagement programmes, especially in flood-risk areas, where awareness talks, training and exhibitions are held.

Among the flood-risk areas are Kampung Beradik, Batu Kitang, Bau and Baram.

He said JPAM has established cooperation with various rescue agencies such as the National Security Council, district offices, local authorities, village security and development committees, police, bomba, Welfare Department and non-governmental organisations in the event of flooding and evacuation.

In terms of logistics, he said JPAM Sarawak has eight three-tonne and five-tonne lorries, 24 four-wheel drive vehicles, 27 boats of various sizes, 26 engine-powered boats, and 18 ambulances.

Permanent officers and district control operations centres could also be contacted by the public.

For the State Civil Defence office (082-256685 or 082-239455) contact Mohtar (019-9898199) or Lt Col Askandar Ampuan Yaacub (019-4825191); Kuching District control operations centre (082-252940 or 082-251479) contact Lt Shaiful Azril Zainal (012-3555974); Betong District control operations centre (083-472961 or 083-472861) contact Azamsah Apearal (013-5526254).

For Petra Jaya (082-443896 or 082-442806) contact Mahathir Mohd Isa (016-8749177) or Lt M Alias Bujang (013-8151329); Sri Aman District control operations centre (083-320973 or 083-324494) contact Hafizul Samah (013-8145129); Sibu District control operations centre (084-340455 or 084-321991) contact Capt Frankie John Jawan (019-8365414).

For Mukah District control operations centre (084-872455 or 084-871413) contact Lt M Mohamad Noor Ini (019-8823949); Miri Division control operations centre (085-430389, 085-422726 or 085-420413) contact Capt Mohd Johari Mohd Taufik (019-8610991); Samarahan District control operations centre (082-661017 or 082-661011) contact Lt Ahmad Shahfikri Darus (016-8792991); Bintulu District control operations centre (086-336781 or 086-339794) contact Lt M Zuriza Sharkawi (013-8053376); and Limbang District control operations centre (085-215474 or 085-251464) contact Lt M Subuh Posa (013-8017637).