Thursday, May 23

‘Clear clutter at premises to avoid flooding’


Ansari (right) inspects a blocked drain outside a warehouse premises.

BINTULU: Warehouse owners and operators in Sg Nyigu Light Industrial area are warned to clear clutter like industrial waste from their compounds to prevent drains getting blocked, and causing flash floods during the rainy season.

Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) Health and Environment Section manager Mohammed Ansari Mohammad Syed Ahmad said a general notice would be issued to those concerned, with enforcement in the event of non-compliance.

He said it is important for operators and warehouse owners to cooperate with the local authority by clearing their compound of heavy and rusty objects.

Ansari said this after a site visit to Sg Nyigu Light Industrial area yesterday, accompanied by the chairman of Sarawak United People’s Party Bintulu branch Johnny Pang and other party members.

“From my observation, the condition of the area is very bad,” he said and hoped those concerned would comply with the notice for the appointed contractor to act.

With drains blocked by waste and heavy materials dumped in front of premises, most areas are flood-prone. The obstacles also prevent the contractor from cleaning the area.

Pang hoped all those involved would clean their premises for a win-win situation — clean drains and ditches, remove obstacles that obstruct the flow of water, and make structural improvements for water to be drained