Tuesday, September 22

New Perodua Myvi promises easier, richer driving experience


SIBU: New Perodua Myvi car – FL Myvi model is hitting the road with lots of improvements to make driving an easier and richer experience.

Local dealer Ngu Chung Beng & Sons Corporation Sdn Bhd, in its press statement says that the new E-AT (Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission) system is among the most welcomed changes because it improves fuel efficiency.

EPS and a 4.7m turning radius in the new model renders the car easy to manoeuvre.

It is comfortably spacious in that it allows driver and passengers to adjust their seats for more room. Even the space for luggage is bigger.

The safety aspect has also been improved.

FL Myvi model comes in Standard (1.3) D3GX3-manual version and D3GZ3-auto version; Premium (1.3) D3XZ3 (auto version); Special Edition (1.5) D5SX3-manual version and D5SZ3-auto version; and (1.5) D5VZ3-auto version.

Colours are available in orange, mystical purple, glittering silver, ivory white, cosmic gold (for 1.3L version only), and electric blue (for 1.5L version only).

The new model was yesterday launched at the show room of Ngu Chung Beng & Sons Corporation in Lanang Road by its managing director Peter Ngu, executive director Esther Kong, and general manager Jeffery Ngu Heng Hing.

Myvi has been a favourite among Malaysians since the car first hit the road in 2005.

Meanwhile, a Ford model – the Ford Ranger 3.2L XLT Standard Automatic – is now available for viewing at Ford show room at Sibu Ngu Brothers Motor Service Sdn Bhd in Salim Road here.