Passport fee cut ‘timely’


LAHAD DATU: The new passport fees announced on Thursday received positive feedback from the public, with many of them saying it was timely in reducing the people’s burden.

According to TV journalist Mohd Ridzal Abdullah, 25, his job required him to travel and the new fees would indeed reduce his burden in terms of passport renewal fees.

“I see this as very timely as many of our youths are studying abroad. Instead of paying RM150, students can now enjoy a RM50 reduction and will only have to pay RM100.

“This new fee structure will also enable the students’ family members to visit them during the holidays, as RM300 for new or renewal of passports will be burdensome to some,” he said.

Riduan Bin Taurek, 33, said the new fees for passport application and renewal, especially involving Haj pilgrims, would help the people cut costs.

He said although the reduction in passport fees was small, it could help people in their preparations for holidays or working trips.

Meanwhile, Miezz Nong, 20, said the new fees were considered one of the efforts taken by the government to assist Malaysians to have passports to travel to other countries.

She said the new fees should have been adopted earlier as travelling to other countries would provide opportunities for Malaysians to view the cultures of other countries, where some of them could be practised here in Malaysia.

“Travelling to other countries could also enable us to introduce our country so that people around the world would want to visit this country to enjoy its great view,” she said.

Miezz also hopes the government can come up with other efforts to develop the country.

“I believe our government can make Malaysia a developed country, comparable to foreign countries,” she added.

Leaders and businessmen also fully supported the reduction of passport fees and described it as a wise move.

Assistant Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Datuk Haji Sairin Karno said the fees reduction could help reduce the burden of the people, especially those who require the document for overseas travel.

“I believe the government has realized that with a reduction in passport fees, it can reduce the burden, especially the elderly, students and those who want to go for Haj,” said Sairin who is also Liawan assemblyman.

Bingkor assemblyman Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan also welcomed the passport fee reduction.

“For me, this is beneficial to local people but I am worried about its implication as foreigners might easily get these documents for a low fee,” he said.

Jeffrey also said that the reduction in passport fees would not help the ordinary people much because they might not require this document.

However, the fees reduction is good for the local people.

Businessman Peter Ma also described it as a good move by the government.

“The government considers the hardship faced by the people nowadays due to inflation, goods price hike and the difficulty in earning a good living,” he said.

He hoped the government would consider reducing other things like taxes and Goods Service Tax.