Monday, September 25

Super Voice Battle finalists share talent with diners


Christine, winner of the competition, regaling the crowd with her voice.

KUCHING: The top ten finalists in the ‘2014 Super Voice Battle’ returned to share their talent with diners at Alfresco Wine and Dine here on Friday night.

Founder of Super Voice Battle, Eric Jong told reporters that the competition was created to bring singing competitions and singers to the next level.

“We wanted to do this competition differently from other traditional singing competitions, so we introduced a new bunch of judges as well as criteria,” he said, adding that he along with Leslie Tnay and Jaydon Joo were the judges in the competition.

Christine Chua won last year’s competition, and she came to share her stunning voice with all those present at Alfresco Wine and Dine.

“As champion, she is entitled to record her own tracks, and I will compose the song for her,” Jong said.

The top 10 finalists in a group photo.