Friday, May 24

Kampung Simpok among those evacuated


KUCHING: The villagers of Kampung Simpok, Padawan, which was affected by floods this afternoon were hoping the flooding would not affect the evacuation center.

Community leader John Jingut, 68, said he had asked the 3,000 villagers to remain vigilant despite low tide this morning.

“Last night, a house located near the river was flooded up to the roof.

“The water rose quickly around 2pm so we had time to rescue belongings and important documents,” he said when met at the Disaster Relief Centre at the Department of Social Welfare Board SK St Peter, Kpg Simpok near here yesterday .

As of this afternoon, residents who moved to the center totalled up to 1,015 people from 264 families.

Although water levels showed a decrease by noon today, he had asked the villagers who wanted to go home to inform him.

John said they were satisfied with the distribution of aid, such as food and medicine.

In fact, the medical team of the Bayur Clinic had been tasked for examination and treatment of light injuries.

The victims began to move into the hall last night.

Sekolah Kebangsaan St Peter Simpok also closed on the orders of the District Education Office Padawan.

Meanwhile, a survey by Utusan Borneo found several villages along Jalan Puncak Borneo lost contact due to flooded roads up to about four feet .

A resident of Kampung Git, Jediael Janting, 30, said continuous rain had caused water levels to rise sharply to the highway to six feet.

“The houses in this village are not flooded, but their access is cut off,” he said.

He said police have made ​​a review this morning and advised residents to be cautious.

Community leader John Jingut


MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: Dr Lim Geng Yan giving advice to the flood victims at Kampung Simpok.


TAKING A REST: Flood victims placed at SK St Peter Hall, Simpok.


ALSO AFFECTED: The roads in Kampung Beratan are also inundated by water.


TRYING HARD: A motorcycle rider trying to get through four feet of water.


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