Keningau schools show improvement – Pairin


TAMBUNAN: Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, said the government has provided substantial funds for education to improve student excellence.

He said that with the aid provided, schools and students will have the opportunity and ability to achieve excellence in the field of academic and co-curriculum activities.

“This aid is available either in the form of scholarships such as University Preparatory Class Scholarship, Textbook Loan Scheme, School Uniforms Assistance, Increased Schooling Assistance, Early Schooling Aid, 1Malaysia Book Voucher Assistance and others,” he said, when officiating the 2014 District Education Office Excellence Appreciation Awards held at the community hall here yesterday.

He hoped the government assistance will help to generate excellence in education in this country in line with the vision of the country to produce students and human capital that are able to uphold the name of the country in the international arena.

Pairin, who is also Minister of Infrastructure Development, said the event was to honor students in primary and secondary schools in this area who have succeeded in academic and co-curriculum activities.

“It is indeed heartening to note the many successes of the students at state, national or international level. We offer our congratulations to the students who have brought honour to this district, Sabah and country and, not forgetting that all this success is due to the effort and commitment of the teachers and the cooperation of parents and students.

“Based on the results of the UPSR, PMR (now known PT3), SPM and STPM this district has improved in terms of quality and quantity, and this reflects the local community’s awareness on the importance of education among children as collateral for a bright future.

“The role of the Department of Education too is to ensure that every student has an equal and fair educational opportunity,” he said.

Pairin, who is also MP for Keningau, is confident the various programs designed by the District Education Office here to raise the standard of public examination under the Malaysian Education Development Plan (MECC) from 2013 to 2025, particularly under the District Transformation Programme (DTP) will bear fruit.

He also hoped that this event will serve as stimulus for students to continue to excel and give encouragement to other students to strive for excellence in academic and co-curriculum activities.

“I also hoped that teachers will initiate a paradigm shift for the realization of the goals of the school as well as the vision and mission of the Ministry of Education,” he said.

At the event, 22 primary schools received excellence awards while 28 secondary school students received curriculum awards and 47 primary and secondary school students received the awards in co-curriculum activities. Meanwhile, seven secondary school students who competed in sports at national and international level also received awards.

Present at the ceremony were State Education Department Quality Assurance Sector Head, Aslie Sahat, District Education Officer, Haji Kaipin Rosmin, District Officer, Thomas Lojinin, principals, headmasters, Senior Assistant Curriculum, Senior Assistant Co- curriculum, Parents and outstanding students.