Friday, May 24

MP delighted with allocations from minister


The flooded road in Kampung Patrikan near the border with Sabah.

MIRI: Lawas MP Datuk Henry Sum Agong was a happy man by the time Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Mohd Shafiee Apdal left this district last Sunday.

This was because the minister had allocated RM850,000 for immediate infrastructure repair and improvement projects in flood-affected villages as well as for the purchase of 10 small boats.

The MP then quickly drew up a list of urgent projects which included river and drain clearing, road repairs and road raising, bunds and other needs for villages in Merapok, Trusan and Sundar, which he submitted to Shafiee, who made an unexpected visit to the relief centre and flood affected areas here over the weekend.

He was delighted when Shafiee immediately approved allocations for Kampung Patrikan, Kampung Bangkatan, Kampung Masjid Baru, Kampung Muncu, Kampung Long Tukon, Long Tuan, Kampung Tanjong Pagar and Kampung Manang-Kampung Sasa for infrastructure repairs and improvement.

The Merapok region was among the worst affected as the low-lying area was also subject to flood water spilling from Sindumin in Sabah, compounded by the downpour last week.

The road to Ulu Merapok was cut off while Kampung Bangkatan, Kampung Muncu, Kampung Patrikan and other low-lying villages were inundated by the second wave of floods.

The stretch of Pan Borneo trunk road at Kampung Bangkatan was also flooded briefly last Wednesday night.

Thousands of vehicles use this road every weekend, including cargo trailers and visitors from Brunei.