Monday, March 25

‘No major theft during floods’


KUCHING: No major theft was reported from the recent floods affecting several parts of Sarawak, said state Commissioner of Police Senior DCP Dato Sri Muhammad Sabtu Osman.

Neither did the state register any casualty as a result of the floods, he added.

As of 8am yesterday, he said Bintulu and Miri still had 808 and 13 flood evacuees respectively.

“There are now 821 victims in total from 230 families in Bintulu and Miri,” Sabtu told a press conference after the monthly parade at the police headquarters at Jalan Badruddin here.

According to a statement by the state National Security Council, the remaining active relief centres are Bintulu Indoor Stadium, Jepak Community Hall and Sebauh Community Hall in Bintulu and SK Kpg Iran in Miri.

Another statement mentioned that Mile 17 of Jalan Tatau/Bintulu was now passable to traffic.