Thursday, November 30

Sabah has good potential for micro-hydro – NGO


KOTA KINABALU: Sabah, which has many fast flowing rivers, has good potential for micro-hydro and this is what Lightup Borneo is banking on for its mission to light up every remote village in the state.

So far the non-governmental organization has installed micro-hydros at four villages in Sipitang, said Ong BK from Lightup Borneo.

Ong, who is one of Lightup Borneo’s founders, said that one of the villages is Long Pasia and a group from the organization had just returned from a trip to the village to check on the micro-hydro installed there.

“The micro-hydro we installed in Long Pasia is a ‘floating hydro generator’ which is one of the first to be used in Malaysia. The design of this micro-hydro is pushing the barrier of hydro generation and was recommended by a professor who visited the village earlier.

“This was because when we first visited Long Pasia, we noticed the fast flowing river there and decided that it would be the best source to generate power. We came up with the ‘Floating Hydro Swan 3’ which generates good electricity of 230 volts while turning at 15+ RPM in Sg Padas,” he explained.

Ong said this when met at Lightup Borneo’s monthly meet-up in Penampang on Saturday, during which Rosemary Kong from Papar shared her experience as a volunteer in Long Pasia-Kg Iburu last week.

He added that Lightup Borneo’s mission is to light up every village in the remote areas of Borneo and so far, the NGO has successfully done so in 12 villages in Sarawak and four in Sabah.

“Public donations are what keep us going at Lightup Borneo,” said Ong.