‘Do not construct without approval’


KAPIT: Chinese community leaders here have appealed to commercial shop lots, housing developers, and house owners to co-operate with Kapit District Council and not allow their projects or extension works contravene local housing by-laws.

Any construction or extension work without prior approval from the council and the Land Survey Department is deemed illegal structure. The regulation is to prevent people from building structures that may disturb others, explained Temenggong Tan Kian Hoo at a press conference on Saturday morning

“Kapit is expanding and we don’t want illegal extensions here and there that can make the town messy. Relevant authorities should also be pro-active to enforce the laws,” he added .

Tan mentioned a recent incident during the walk-around in town with Land Development Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Masing when the minister expressed his concern about the safety of an overhead iron bridge near Gelanggang Terasang wet market.

However, walikota Kapit District Council Philimon Nuing , when contacted, said the bridge project was approved by State Planning Unit.