Thursday, October 17

Kotabaru distributes 22,400 oil palm and rubber seed


KOTABARU, South Kalimantan: Regent Kotabaru, H Irhami Ridjani, distributes 22,400 trunks of palm oil and rubber seedlings to farmers, Antaranews reported.

Head of Kotabaru Plantation Agency, Ibn Bhayangkara Foen, here on Monday detailing aid in the form of 19,600 seedlings of palm oil and 2,800 rubber seedlings.

“Regent also handed one handsprayer for every five hectares of plantation land, five liters of herbicides for each hectare, as well as 50 kg of fertilizer,” he explained.

The assistance given to farmers in the sub-district West Pulaulaut and East Pulaulaut who own land and have not been cultivated to become productive land.

Regent H Irhami Ridjani expresses, delivery of oil palm and rubber seedlings to the community of West Pulaulaut and East Pulaulaut is the local government’s efforts to spur an increase in the welfare of society.