Saturday, June 19

UTHM builds tube well to supply clean water to flood victims in Kelantan village


TANAH MERAH: Concerned over the plight of flood victims in the state, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) has built a tube well to supply clean water to Kampung Kusial Baru residents here.

The villagers faced water supply disruption after a water supply plant managed by Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd (AKSB) was affected by the devastating floods which occurred last December.

The 13.7 metre-deep tube well built at the Kusial Baru surau – with a capacity to generate 28-32 litres of water per minute – fulfilled the needs of 1,200 local residents.

A member of the UTHM board of directors, Datuk Seri Sufri Mohd Zin said the university had mobilised a team with expertise in civil engineering to build the well.

“Kampung Kusial Baru was chosen as a geo-physical analysis done in the area revealed the village had groundwater potential that could be utilised to its best.

“The process to build a tube well requires several tests, including testing the quality of water to ensure water from the ground was safe to be utilised, without giving rise to any health problem,” he said.

The tube well built at the village was one of several projects undertaken by the university to supply clean water to residents in the East Coast who were affected by the floods at the end of last year.

UTHM also provided other contributions such as supplying food and sending volunteers to clean up public facilities such as schools.

“It is hoped this collaboration will continue, and maybe more youngsters from the village can extend their education at UTHM,” he said.

Meanwhile, UTHM, through the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering has suggested turning Kampung Kusial Baru into its adopted village by implementing various programmes for its residents.

The programmes include the faculty’s students involvement in community service activities comprising exchange of knowledge, motivational programmes for primary and secondary school students, adopting children’s programmes, as well as cleaning and restoring kindergartens, madrasahs, houses and other surroundings.

The staff and students of the faculty will also analyse preparations in facing floods, besides holding motivational talks on how to regain strength and will power after facing damages and losses after the floods.

Many residents who were met lauded the efforts of UTHM for providing clean water supply and its other contributions to help reduce their burden.

The village’s federal development and security committee chairman, Mohd Napi Md Ali said the building of the tube well was very significant for the community after they frequently experienced disruption in water supply. — Bernama