Sunday, March 7

KKP push fish feed utilized local ingredients


MARTAPURA, South Kalimantan: Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries or KKP encourages the use of local raw materials as fish feed, so efficient also can reduce costs of fish farmers, Antaranews reported.

“The utilization of local ingredients can reduce the cost of production, so that the KKP encourage all parties to take advantage of local raw materials as fish feed,” said Director General of Fisheries Cultivation Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Slamet Soebjakto in Martapura on Monday.

He said the KKP has a Independent Fish Feed Movement (Gerpari) program that can run by a variety of parties, which can suppress the production costs of fisheries.

Gerpari not container growers, but a group that specializes in fish feed to meet their own needs and the needs of other fish farmers.

According to him, the utilization of local raw materials are conducted independently should consider the availability of raw materials that are widely available in the region.

Raw materials that can be used as fish food such as water hyacinth treated specially, so it could be a cheap fish feed.

In addition, plant-based raw materials can also be utilized is corn flour, bran, soybean meal, cassava leaves, tofu and leucaena leaves that grow.