MyCC: Logistics service providers to comply with undertakings


KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) has accepted undertakings in accordance with Section 43 of the Competition Act 2010 (the Act) from Giga Shipping Sdn Bhd (Giga) and Nexus Mega Carriers Sdn Bhd (Nexus) last year.

In a statement, it said the undertakings are in relation to exclusive agreements between the two enterprises and vehicle manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Both enterprises are major providers of logistic and shipment services by sea for motor vehicles from ports in Peninsular Malaysia to ports in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan.

Both parties undertook to remove exclusive clauses and/or clauses in their agreements which had the effect of significantly preventing, restricting or distorting competition in the provision of the services, said MyCC.

The undertakings accepted by the MyCC are legally binding on the enterprises and for so long as the enterprises are in compliance with the undertakings, the MyCC would refrain from instituting or taking proceedings against the enterprises.

“The timeline offered to both Giga and Nexus to comply with the terms of the undertaking has come to an end.

“Therefore, individuals or enterprises with information on non-compliance by either party are advised to promptly lodge a complaint with the MyCC for us to take further action,” said MyCC Chief Executive Officer Dr Mohd Khalid Abdul Samad.

The undertakings are available for public viewing on the MyCC website, — Bernama