Two ‘injured’ in Wisma Technip ‘fire’


Firefighters carry an ‘injured victim’ out on a stretcher.

MIRI: Two victims were ‘injured’ after being trapped on the second floor of Wisma Technip during a ‘fire’ around 9.30am yesterday.

This was the scene for a fire drill in the building, which saw the ‘victims’ promptly rescued by firefighters.

Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) assistant enforcer Maureen Sim said eight personnel from the Lopeng Fire and Rescue Department participated in the exercise to prepare the public for the possibility of fires.

Sim said the public who work in office buildings need to be aware of fire alarm alerts and follow the emergency safety and evacuation procedures.

“Generally, the drills that we executed showed the low level of awareness among the public upon hearing the fire alarm alerts, and this needs to be improved.”

Bomba senior officer Henry Jugah agreed that the public’s response to emergencies needs to improve.

“There are still numerous people who are not alert to the sound of fire alarms as well as ignoring the bell in case of an emergency,” he said.

During the drill, firefighters also taught staff members rescue techniques and the proper use
of fire extinguishers.