Manhunt for foreign murder suspect


Police carry the victim’s body out of the farm house.

Police interview Buyong (second left) at the scene.

MIRI: Police have launched a manhunt for an Indonesian man who is suspected of killing his former co-worker.

Known only as Amir, the sacked farm worker in his 50s is believed to be responsible for the death of fellow Indonesian Shahdan, in his 70s, whose body was found on Tuesday in a farm house at Sungai Uban, Bekenu some 50km from here.

The body, with the head almost severed, is believed to have been hacked using a machete.

There were also large cuts on the stomach, right chest and right shoulder.

Miri deputy police chief Supt Stanley Jonathan Ringgit said the victim could have been murdered hours before he was found by his employer around 5.30pm.

“The blood found in the kitchen where the victim is believed to have been murdered had dried, which indicated that the victim had been dead for hours before he was found,” he said yesterday during the 208th Police Day parade.

He added that police recovered a bloodied machete at the scene believed to be the murder weapon as well as a sickle and a stick which had been broken in two.

The body has been sent to Miri Hospital for a post-mortem.

Meanwhile, Shahdan’s 64-year-old employer, who only wished to be known as Buyong, said he discovered the motionless body covered with a blanket and canvas in the farm house surrounded by dried blood.

“It is a regular routine for me to come over to check on them. Shahdan had been working with me for three months, while Amir has been working with me for two months,” Buyong said when met at the scene.

According to him, Shadan was hired to care for the animals such as chickens and goats due to his old age, while Amir had looked after the fruits and vegetables.

Buyong said both employees seemed to be getting along until recently when he noticed fruits such as bananas, coconuts and limes were unaccounted for.

“A few days ago, I asked Shahdan about the missing fruits. And he told me that it was Amir who stole them,” he said adding that he immediately brought the matter up with Amir.

Buyong said Amir had apologised for stealing the produce and asked to remain employed, but he had decided to let him go. “So, on Sunday (March 22) night, I took all his belongings from the farm house and he followed me to my restaurant to receive his salary. And that was the last time I saw him,” he added.