Monday, November 28

RM415 mln dam to overcome Tawau water shortage


TAWAU: Residents here are waiting and hoping that additional funds could be allocated as soon as possible for a new dam project at Cintamata, Merotai to solve flood issues and water shortage in the district.

Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan said the design for the dam was ready and was now waiting for additional funds.

He expressed hope that the RM415 million project, which would take about three and a half years to complete, would be implemented this year.

Pairin, who is also the Minister of Infrastructure Development, said this dam had the capacity to supply 30 million liters of water daily and could also store an additional 4.6 million cubic meters of water daily if it was raining.

He believed that the large pool, with 1.9 square kilometers, not only could supply sufficient clean water to the residents here but could also enhance the tourism industry.

He told the media this after visiting the site here yesterday morning.

“This project has been delayed due to design changes. However, I hope additional funds can be allocated soon to enable the project to start.

“Touching on water shortage during the dry season, I urge consumers to contact the district water department to get water from water tanker trucks as a short term solution.

“Meanwhile, I also strongly warn irresponsible parties not to simply chop off logs which can affect watersheds,” Pairin said.

In the afternoon, Pairin also visited two sloping sites at San Shui Camp Batu 10, and Tawau Airport. Both repair works are in progress.