Friday, January 22

Tanah Bumbu police arrested five fraud actors


BANJARMASIN, South Kalimantan: The Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan, Criminal Investigation Unit Police captured five of seven perpetrators of fraud in the district, Antaranews reported.

“We have arrested five perpetrators of fraud by modus operandi double the money,” said the Chief of Criminal Investigation Unit Police AKP Ade Papa Rihi SIK in Tanah Bumbu on Friday.

He said the five perpetrators were captured simultaneously at Pasar Minggu on Thursday (26/3) night, when they relaxed at the same time looking for victims.

The perpetrators claimed to have miraculous oil that could double the money. Once they had succeeded in December 2014 and pocketed the money Rp200 million of fraud.

The five actors still under investigation and it is known they are citizens of Central Hulu Sungai, South Kalimantan.

“The perpetrators are now detained and we continue the investigation to dismantle the alleged fraud network across districts,” he said.

The results of the investigation, the five offenders charged under Article 378 of the Code of Criminal Law (KUHP) about Fraud, under penalty of imprisonment of at least 4 years.