Thursday, August 13

‘Aiffa promotes Sarawak as filming location’


Hafizuddin (centre) poses for a photograph with fans.

KUCHING: The Asean International Film Festival and Awards (Aiffa) 2015 will definitely help in building and developing the film industry in Sarawak.

Veteran Malaysian drama and film actor Hafizuddin said that Sarawak absolutely has the draw and potential to become a filming location for both local and international productions.

“It is an eye-opener to the world when such an international event is being held here especially on what Sarawak has to offer including the availability of talents and locations,” he said when met at the Aiffa Film Biz World Seminar and Exhibition held at the Sarawak Tourism Complex in the Old Courthouse here yesterday.

“This will help spearhead the Sarawak film industry to greater heights for Sarawak is a huge state geographically with many opportunities yet to be explored,” he added.

Hafizuddin said he had high hopes in Aiffa as it was an international event with delegates coming from Asean countries, including China and Korea.

“I hope that through Aiffa we can build greater collaborations among countries in the Asean region to produce films for the international market rather than just for individual countries,” he said.

Sarawak, he added, was a very suitable destination other than Kuala Lumpur to host the international event.

Hafizuddin encouraged budding filmmakers to gain more knowledge and centre their works on Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia.

“I think there are many opportunities here. But Kuala Lumpur, being the national capital, is the focus of the entertainment industry.

“But for exposure-wise, it should include the whole of Peninsular Malaysia in order to tap into the wider market and for better promotion,” he added.