Friday, December 3

Police seized Shabu seller in mine


BANJARMASIN, South Kalimantan: Narcotics Unit Police of Tanah Bumbu caught a crystal methamphetamine (or known here as shabu-shabu) seller in mines in the area, Antaranews reported.

“We got information that the perpetrator often sell shabu, so we investigated and it true,” said Chief of Tanah Bumbu Narcotics unit Police AKP Suryanthi SH here on Saturday.

She said that seller known with initials SR (31), a resident of the Jalan Poros Provinsi, Sub-district of Sebamban Baru, Tanah Bumbu.

SR arrested on Thursday (9/4) morning around 04.30 in his residence. When arrested, SR trying to escape by jumping through a window behind the house.

Because the police had surrounded the house, SR can not escape and was forced to surrender rather than get firmly action on the ground.

From SR police seized 12 packets of crystal meth weighing 4.5 grams and the perpetrator and evidence is currently secured in the local Police Narcotics Unit.