Your key duty to mould future progressive society, youths reminded


Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah

KUCHING: Youth-based organisations have been urged to focus contributing their expertise towards solving problems in order to deliver a positive impact on the development of youths in the nation.

In this respect, Assistant Minister of Youth Development Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah reminded youths of their role in shaping quality future generations towards a sound and progressive society.

“The character of the young people will determine the quality of the society we live in now and in the future,” he said in his address at the state-level National Youth Consultative Council (MPBN) Convention at the civic centre here yesterday.

“Therefore, the voice and participation of the young people is important towards improving (our) policies and policy-making. Your input, perspectives and ideas on various issues affecting the state and nation, as well as on youth development, will influence and chart the direction of our society.”

Leaders of 20 youth associations and 13 sports bodies took part in the convention, which included a brainstorming session on education, social issues, economy, employment and sports.

Abdul Karim, who is also Assistant Minister of Housing, said he wanted youth and sports bodies to hold quality programmes towards promoting the well-being of the young people.

“You are encouraged to hold one major activity every year.”

On funding, Abdul Karim reminded these organisations to appropriately and wisely utilise the grants awarded to them; instead of spending them unnecessary things.

“Insufficient funding seems to be a common challenge faced by various associations today. Still, there are various channels that you can approach in sourcing for funds needed to carry out your activities or programmes.

“Most importantly, proper management and planning of funds are crucial in solving this issue.”

Abdul Karim hoped youth and sports bodies would put more efforts in their developmental programmed in ensuring that they would stay on a right path.

Meanwhile, state Youth and Sport Department director Abd Haris Ishak said the convention served as a key platform of enhancing youth development in Sarawak.

“This convention provides a space for youths to discuss issues and find solutions to matters affecting them at all levels, of which they (issues) will be brought to the government – even up to the federal level.”

Abd Haris also urged these bodies to work closely with the government towards building and producing generations of dynamic and competitive young people.