Youth wings of PRS, SPDP condemn mockery of ‘azan’ by fugitive sex blogger


KUCHING: The Youth wings of two state Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties have strongly condemned the latest stunt pulled by controversial sex blogger Alvin Tan.

Both PRS Youth and SPDP Youth believed that it was very wrong for anyone to insult or ridicule the religion of others.

Tan – who first shot to infamy in 2012 when he and then Malaysian girlfriend Vivian Lee posted their sex videos on their blog –uploaded a video entitled ‘Muslim Call to Prayer – Azan (R&B) Cover’ on his Facebook page on Tuesday, which mocks the ‘azan’.

SPDP Youth chief Robert Ayu said what Tan had done was ‘insane’, adding that such stunt could trigger tensions among those of different race and religion in Malaysia.

“He’s just a spoilt young man – very vengeful and insensitive towards the feeling of others. However, we do hope and believe that mature Malaysians would know that Tan’s action did not represent the sentiment of any community in Malaysia. SPDP demands Tan to immediately stop all these nonsense, and irresponsible acts. We are peace-loving people,” he said.

PRS Youth, in a statement issued by its publicity officer Bit Surang, said Tan’s latest antics was ‘shocking’ and most unacceptable in a plural society such as Malaysia.

“This insane act is detrimental to the peace and harmony that we have been enjoying as it certainly incites hatred. We want Tan to stop such stupidity immediately.

“His act is purely personal and done for reasons known only to himself. He might think it’s funny, but we certainly don’t think so,” Bit said.

The latest video, running for two minutes and 50 seconds, shows a shirtless Tan reciting the ‘azan’ while playing a keyboard.

The 27-year-old is already in big trouble not only with the authorities in Malaysia, but also those in Singapore where he studied before. Tan is currently seeking asylum in the United States in an attempt to escape being charged with various offences, including sedition.

It is reported that the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has requested search giant Google Inc to block Tan’s YouTube account from uploading further provocative contents over the social media.