Wednesday, July 24

Australia’s Doodaddies at Borneo Jazz in May


The Doodaddies from Perth.

KUCHING: The four-piece band ‘The Doodaddies’ from Perth, Australia, will be back for this year’s Borneo Jazz Festival in Miri next month.

Featuring Dave Billing, the band’s harmonica player and singer, who specialises in harmonica styles, he has developed one of the most distinctive musical charms heard in Australia.

While their music is based on Chicago-style blues, they also provide a wide range of different jazz genres such as swinging shuffles, boogaloo, soul and blues, among others.

The two-day exciting festival of jazz music will be celebrated on May 8 and 9 at Park City Everly Hotel Miri. Tickets are priced at RM95 for an adult two-day entrance, RM50 for a single entrance and a family package of two adults and two children at RM100.

Tickets can be purchased online via, and are also available at Ticket Charge Call Centres, Ticket Charges in Kuala Lumpur and Penang offices as well as all Ticket Charge authorised outlets in the country.

In Sarawak, tickets are available at Speedy Video outlets at Plaza Merdeka and tHe Spring Mall here and at Speedy Video outlet in Bintang Plaza, Imperial Mall and Boulevard Shopping Centre in Miri.

For the 10th anniversary of Borneo Jazz, Sarawak Tourism Board will feature the best performing line-up by bringing back favourite performers from past years, covering a wide range of jazz genres from all over the world.