Learning a life-long process, Fatimah tells teachers


Fatimah and teachers in school uniforms pose for a photo call remembering the years they were in school many years ago.

KUCHING: Teachers are urged to improve their intellectual capability in order to produce excellent human capital for the country.

In giving this message, Minister for Welfare, Women and Family Development Datuk Fatimah Abdulah said teachers were responsible for fulfilling the country’s aspiration to produce world-class human capital in order to move towards a developed nation status.

“They are the cataylsts to inculcate the spirit of global competitiveness in today’s world,” she said before officiating at the Teacher’s Day celebration at SMK Demak Baru in Petra Jaya yesterday.

She added that it was still the individual role of teachers to develop and shape the students in the physical, spiritual and intellectual aspects.

Fatimah also said that in shouldering these heavy burdens, teachers had to be committed in line with the very dynamic changes in the education system.

She also reminded the teachers that they had a very big part to play in encouraging the students to succeed in their studies based on six aspirations contained in the Malaysian Education Blue Print – knowledge, thinking skills, leadership skills, bilingual proficiency, ethics and spirituality and national identity.

She hoped that teachers would not get fed up of their profession and be dedicated servants to help young people to gain knowledge.

“Knowledge is a life-long learning process for as long as we are willing to learn and everybody, including teachers, should emulate this,” she said, adding the dedication of teachers would always be remembered by their students.

She acknowledged the good job of the school principal, Fatimah Hamid, who would retire in August. In her speech earlier, the principal reminded her staff of their responsibilities as teachers and wanted them to continue to inspire their students to become role models equipped with knowledge and spiritual values.

The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Guru: Membina Ilmu Menyempurkan Akhlak’ and among those present at the function was the school’s PTA chairman Busman Rambli.