Tragic homecoming for biker crashing into fallen power pole


BINTANGOR: Homecoming turned tragic for a 23-year-old rider when he ran his motorcycle into a fallen electrical pole across Bintangor-Sibu Road at dawn yesterday.

Identified as Ricky Morrison Edi, he died on the spot after the accident at 5.50am at Mile 6.

The tragedy occurred when Ricky was riding alone to his hometown.

Apparently, a van on the opposite lane had lost control, skidded off the road and crashed the electrical post, causing it to tumble.

It was still dark when Ricky was passing through and failed to see the post, causing him to ram into it.

He fell from his machine and apparently died on the spot.

Ricky’s body was sent to the hospital mortuary by police.

Six passengers of the van were slightly hurt.