Wednesday, December 8

Single mum runs exemplary village shop

Lo replenishes Norik’s stock of grocery items.

Lo replenishes Norik’s stock of grocery items.

KUCHING: A single mother of one, Norik Seim received grocery items under the 1Azam Programme for a Village Shop from Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) chairman Lo Khere Chiang yesterday.

Norik, who has to take care of her daughter and a nephew who stays with her, is one of the three successful participants of the programme identified by MPP last year.

She opened the shop last September after attending the council’s financial literacy and motivation course.

The council then supplied her with grocery items for sale, which enabled her to make some profits. MPP also provided racks and a refrigerator, said Lo when handing over the grocery items to Norik at her shop at Kampung Emperoh Jambu, Mile 27 of Jalan Padawan near here.

Lo said her performance in running the village shop was monitored by MPP over a period of six months.

“Norik demonstrated an interest and skill in operating the village shop and was able to make gross sales of around RM300 to RM500 a month.

“She is able to use the income from her sales to purchase additional goods and continue operating the village shop.”

While the income is used for household expenses and to support her family, Norik also does some farming on the side.

“The 1Azam Programme enables Norik to have a consistent source of income,” Lo added.

This year, Lo said MPP had identified 12 participants for the programme which is scheduled to start in August.

He hoped these participants would share the same spirit and enthusiasm as Norik and continue with their businesses even after the funding had ended.

Last year, the 1Azam Programme consisting of a Village Shop, Kiosk Burger and Grass Cutting reached out to 10 poor families registered under eKasih.

The total funds allocated by the Ministry of Welfare, Women and Family Development to the council was RM105,868 for the 10 families.

The fund was meant to purchase machineries, equipment and stocks for trading and sales. Before commencing the programme, participants are given training in financial literacy and self motivation.