Monday, May 27

‘MACC Sarawak opens 38 investigation papers’

The MACC office complex at Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho.

The MACC office complex at Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho.

KUCHING: Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Sarawak has opened 38 investigation papers between January and May this year.

From the total, 28 individuals had been caught and 14 cases were brought to court, said MACC state director Dato Badrul Shah Norman.

“Besides operations work, efforts have also been done to prevent corruption. Between January and May this year, we have conducted six programmes with influential Chinese community leaders, major private companies, influential non-governmental organisations, political leaders as well as rural community leaders.

“A total of 98 talks were also given to various government and private agencies during the period,” he said prior to the official opening of the new MACC office complex at Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho here yesterday.

On the same note, Badrul urged the public not to hesitate in helping them to combat corruption by coming forward and providing information about corruption.

“We are fully committed to tackle corruption. If the public has information on any corruption or power abuse, they are most welcomed to cooperate with us.

“Our officials are well-prepared to give the best service to ensure cases are solved in a transparent and professional manner,” he said.

On the new office, Badrul expressed his gratitude that MACC Sarawak was finally getting its own proper building complete with the relevant facilities for them to conduct their duties.

“This three-storey office complex is well-equipped to facilitate our anti-corruption duties. Among some of the facilities available are video interviewing room, four statement recording rooms, lineup room, case item storage room, investigation record room and two lockup cells.

“The office is also equipped with a high security system, including CCTVs strategically located within and outside the building.

“We are thankful for the facilities. We hope our people will be able to work well and professionally with full commitment in the most conducive environment,” he said.

The purchase and renovation of the building cost RM24.33 million and it was handed over to MACC Sarawak in May last year. It was officially opened by MACC deputy chief commissioner Dato Sri Zakaria Jaffar yesterday.