Tuesday, August 9

UPP Sibu consoles Rumah Maling chieftain over loss of his mother


SIBU: UPP Sibu shared their sympathy with longhouse chieftain Maling Banta and his family, whose mother, Barada Dandi, had passed away on Friday due to an illness.

Led by party chairman Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh and Bumiputra Committee members of UPP Bawang Assan Branch, the group spent some time in the longhouse yesterday with the grief-stricken family members.

Barada will be buried today.

The villagers of Rumah Maling in Bawang Assan constituency have been close with UPP and Wong in sharing their aspiration for rural development.

In his decades of serving the community, Wong has built a strong relationship with them. Villages in Bawang Assan have enjoyed continuous development under Barisan National with the building of three of the four major river bridges in Sibu – the Loba’an, Igan and Lanang Bridges.

During the pre-Gawai celebration this year, Wong spent nearly three weeks visiting about 100 longhouses in Bawang Assan, spreading goodwill with the community.