Friday, March 22

Astro Radio unveils exciting new content

The hitz Sarawak crew.

The hitz Sarawak crew.

KUCHING: Astro Radio has announced a host of new exciting initiatives at Era FM, hitz fm and MY FM in an effort to continue delivering the best music and local content to listeners in the state.

Among the initiatives are the introduction of a new segment on MY FM, the rescheduling of a few key segments on Era FM and the arrival of a new announcer at hitz fm.

These changes are part of Astro Radio’s strategic bid to strengthen its localisation efforts in Sarawak. MY FM will have a number of great segments tailored especially for listeners, starting with a new segment to kick-start the day.

Hosted by Aising, MY FM’s ‘Give Me Ten’ segment will bring listeners on a ride through her programmes which include ‘Students Capsule’, ‘Music Showtime’ and ‘Give me Mic’ from 10am to 1pm.

Penny will charm listeners with her perky and cheerful banter on MY FM’s ‘MusicPedia’, consisting of ‘Students Capsule Rewind’, ‘Cover Song’ and ‘Photo Cap’ from 1pm to 4pm.

On Saturday, Addy and Chris will be on air from 2pm to 5pm with MY FM’s ‘Off Day Live’, featuring programmes like ‘Students Capsule Complete Rewind’, ‘Eat Full No Worries’ in Hokkien and ‘Kpop Jjang’.

Era FM Sarawak is set to entertain listeners with a much improved segment line-up on weekdays, starting from 10am to 2pm with ‘Ohaa Era’, followed by ‘H! 20 Era’ from 2pm to 4pm.

Light up the evening with all the latest updates with ‘Lagu Gostan’ and ‘KanDahKenak’ on ‘Petang Era’ from 4pm to 8pm.

Every Saturday will feature ‘Sabtu Pagi Era’ from 7am to 9am, followed by the hottest song chart in East Malaysia, ‘Carta Borneo Era’ from 9am to 10am, and continued by ‘Best of KanDahKenak’ and ‘Ohaa Era’ from 2pm to 6pm.

Meanwhile, on hitz fm Sarawak, the ‘hitz Playlist’ will see a new face hosting the show with the introduction of Veronica. A former cruiser, the part-time model is also a well-known blogger.

She will continue to deliver the latest entertainment gossip and music news from around the world from 10am to 1pm. More music and latest updates will be brought to you by ‘hitz 1-2-4’ from 1pm to 4pm, followed by the ‘hitz Drive Thru’, set to make the drive home more entertaining and informative with local traffic updates from 4pm to 8pm.

Meanwhile, the favourite chart show ‘Hitz 10 In A Row’ will be on a new time slot every Saturday, this time from 11am to 3pm.

Astro Radio Sarawak operations manager Dhan Andreas said: “We are nearing our mission as a fully independent radio station in Sarawak. We will continue expanding and improving our content to suit local needs.”

Listeners can also tune in to their station of choice online or via mobile apps, added Dhan.

Astro Radio has recently launched a mobile app called Raku. The app enables users to listen to all Astro Radio stations and gives users the options to create their own playlist.

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