Sunday, October 17

Local police helping their peninsula colleagues in probing murder attempt


SIBU: The police here are providing information to their counterparts in Selangor to help solve the attempted murder of a Sibu businessman with a ‘Datuk’ title in Petaling Jaya on Monday evening.

In the latest development, the Selangor police are looking for a friend of the victim because they believe the friend could help shed light on the shooting.

It is learnt that this friend, like the 35-year-old victim identified as Hii, had also been shot at before.

The Selangor police want to establish if the series of shootings are linked.

Sibu police here confirmed the Selangor police had called them, and they had given them the relevant information.

The police here did not say what this information is, but, they identify the friend of Hii as a 30-year-old, saying he is also on their wanted list and is no longer in Sibu.

The Petaling Jaya shooting on Monday occurred at 5.45pm at Dataran Bandar Utama when Hii was heading to a school to pick up his son.

Beside him was a Mongolian woman, aged 26, whom Hii has befriended through WeChat.

When Hii stopped his car at the roadside to answer a telephone call, two men tailing him came on a motorcycle.

The gunman fired eight shots at close range, hitting the Mongolian woman four times.

Hii escaped the shooting because he had sensed trouble when the two gunmen approached.

He laid low in his car.

The Selangor police are now piecing the two shootings together, trying to find a link.

The first attempt to kill Hii occurred in last October when two gunmen went to a terraced house at RTM Road in Sibu previously belonging to Hii.

Thinking the house still belonged to him, they fired three shots at 8am on October 5, hitting a front window.

Hii had moved out after he sold the house to his brother-in-law. The Mongolian woman is still in the ICU of University Malaya Medical Centre in Petaling Jaya.

According to a source, Hii has moved to Peninsular Malaysia for about four years.

He has established his business in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.

He still flies between Sibu and Kuala Lumpur.