Monday, August 15

Council to shift 400 hawkers at MJC to new site by yearend

Richard (left) talking about the Padawan Fair. With him are Andrew (centre) and Lo.

Richard (left) talking about the Padawan Fair. With him are Andrew (centre) and Lo.

KUCHING: Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) intends to move the 400 hawkers at Batu Kawah New Township (MJC) to a new location in the centre of the township by the end of the year.

MPP secretary, Andrew Joris, assured that they were not out to stop business but to create more orderly situation after taking the concerns of both parties – hawkers and residents/shop owners – into consideration.

“We make decisions in the interest of both sides, not favouring either party,” he told reporters yesterday after MPP’s full council meeting. He asked for the cooperation of the hawkers, pointing out that the new location was two minutes’ away from the current one.

“Nobody should be taking advantage of this situation for political gain or cheap advertising,” he said, adding that the authority to make decisions here lay with MPP, and not with anyone else.

Andrew added that MPP would not be issuing permits for fun fairs in the months of September, October and November to discourage children from getting distracted from their examinations.

Meanwhile, MPP would implement a coupon system for parking next year after getting clearance from the state cabinet last month. The areas affected are MJC, Third Mile, Kota Sentosa, Kota Padawan and Siburan.

According to MPP chairman Lo Khere Chiang, the move is not meant to make money but to give visitors to these areas a fair shot at finding parking.

“With this implementation, people won’t park there ‘forever’ – meaning some space can be freed up for visitors.”

On other matters, Padawan Fair 2015 organising chairman Richard Kian Hua Mudeh announced that the fair would run from July 19 to Aug 18. The event is expected to be better with improvements in place, and visitors could still enjoy the programme and performances for free.