Monday, July 22

SSPCA after dog poisoning culprits


KUCHING: The Sarawak Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) is calling for information on the poisoning of 10 dogs at its shelter.

Chairwoman Rebecca D’Cruz said the dogs targeted were those allowed to roam around, including Cookie, which was ready to be re-homed.

“We are very sad and appalled over the poisoning of the dogs, which started in June. The latest was last Tuesday when another two dogs died. We suspect that rat poison was used in food fed to the dogs,” she told a press conference yesterday.

The use of poison causes dogs to suffer acute pain over a long period before dying.

“We don’t want or need such people in our society. Those who have any information please make a report at the nearest police station and let us know.

“Just Aug 1, Kuching was declared a ‘City of Unity’, let us unite against animal cruelty,” said D’Cruz.

On the progress of the SSPCA’s Animal Village, she said the site has yet to be determined, but hopes that it can be built within the Mile 10 area.

“We need to be far away from a high density population, but not too far that people can’t come to visit or else our objective of re-homing the animals will not be fulfilled,” she explained.

D’Cruz added that the Animal Village will allow the public to learn about SSPCA’s work and animal welfare rights.

The centre will also let visitors bond with the animals before adopting them.