Friday, September 24

Pray for continued peace, Bishop urgesSabah Christians


KOTA KINABALU: The Bishop of Basel Christian Church of Malaysia (BCCM), Datuk Dr Thomas Tsen has called on all Christians in the state to pray for continued peace and harmony in the country.

“We pray for continued peace and harmony as well as stability in our beloved country and state in this challenging situation economically and socially,” he said in his Malaysia Day message yesterday.

As Malaysia celebrates its 52nd anniversary, Christians in the country should reflect on the journey its leaders have travelled since it was formed in 1963, Dr Tsen, who is the Immediate Past President of Sabah Council of Churches and Malaysia Council of Churches said.

The journey was challenging but Malaysia endured and its multi-religious, multi-racial, multi-cultural citizens are now living in unity in a peaceful country, he said.

“We thank God for the peace and harmony we are enjoying now but at the same time we must be aware that it was not an easy journey to get to where we are now. We must therefore treasure what we have and love our country,” he said.

Dr Tsen also urged Christians to pray for the country’s leaders’ that they may be blessed with the wisdom, courage and confidence to continue leading the people and that the government continues to show fairness and justice to all Malaysians.

“We seek God’s help to bestow continued prosperity and blessing upon us and Malaysia, our beloved country,” he said.