Monday, January 30

As years go by for Class of ‘65 of Chung Cheng


SIBU: It was a year of golden memories for the ‘Class of 65’ of Chung Cheng School at their reunion dinner here on Saturday night.

The two classes of Junior Three students had not met for 40 years until their reunions started a decade ago.

Organising chairman Michael Huong said in an interview yesterday that opportunities would be leaner after coming 50 years down the road, and the reunion night was precious as former students walked down memory lane together again.

“This has been the ninth year the former students gathered for our reunion.

“After we left school in 1965, we went on to pursue different future undertakings. If not for the annual reunion, there would not be much chance for us to get together.”

Huong recalled school life in the 1960s was simple in their Paradom village.

“There were over 60 students in two classes. We went to school either by boat or by cycling.

“There was only a path passable by bicycle to go around the village. That explains why many students went to school by boat.”

He recalled villagers came to this town by boat, as road link was non-existent then.

He said the boat ride would take about one-and-a-half hours.

“It is so different now. We can take a car ride from Sibu town to the school today.”

He said former students all came from peasant families — most of their parents were either planting rubber or vegetables.

In his speech during the reunion, he said he was saddened that after half a century, they had lost contact with some of their former schoolmates.

Despite this, he said they went ahead with the reunion, and in each annual gathering, they would bask in the warmth of the former students, with plenty of nostalgic stories to tell.

Huong said they went through three years of education together in their junior classes.