Sunday, April 21

Dr Sim: We’ve three names for Pending


KUCHING: SUPP president Senator Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian is tight-lipped on whether Youth leader Milton Foo has been picked for Pending in the coming state election.

Dr Sim, when approached by reporters covering an event at Sarawak Chawan Association yesterday, was only prepared to reiterate that the party had three names for Pending.

“We mentioned three names before. You go and look up the reports in the newspapers,” he said, declining to give away any names.

Foo, who is the party’s Youth Central publicity and information secretary, has been in the limelight as he had been spotted meeting Pending constituents lately.

But Dr Sim said, “Don’t worry, ground work should be done by candidates. If I run everywhere, does it mean I can be a candidate everywhere?”

Pressed if Foo was the only candidate for Pending, he replied: “There will never be only one candidate because what will happen if we say you are the only candidate and you do not work?”

The party president asserted that age did not matter when asked how old Foo was.

“I do not go and ask him how old he is. If you are good, I do not care how old you are.

“We do not discriminate against young or old. Candidates must come from the ground and be on the ground.”

Barisan Nasional has lost Pending, a Chinese-majority urban constituency, to the DAP for two consecutive elections – 2006 and 2011.

DAP’s Violet Yong, a greenhorn then, defeated SUPP’s Datuk Sim Kheng Hui in 2006 and retained the seat against Dr Sim in 2011.