Sunday, June 13

PBS denies it has lost its teeth


PENAMPANG: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) vice president Datuk Radin Malleh has urged the party divisional leaders to beef up membership drive in their respective areas, to further strengthen the party and ensure it remains as the major political vehicle for promoting and defending the interests of the State and its multiracial people.

Speaking at the Moyog PBS divisional meeting here yesterday, he said the strength of the party has always been the participation and support from the people of various ethnics and PBS must strive to preserve this in order to remain relevant.

“It is the members that will vote for PBS and Barisan Nasional (BN) in elections. It is them who will determine the survival of the party,” he said when officiating at the division’s annual general meeting held at the district’s library multi-purpose hall here.

The Rural Development Minister also dismissed allegations circulating in social media that PBS has lost its teeth and no longer relevant as a political party that represented the people from all ethnics and religious backgrounds in Sabah.

He stressed the party’s policy of identifying and addressing issues facing the State and its people through discussion and mutual understanding among the different ethnic groups has remained strong until today.

He said this approach had allowed the party to bring critical issues in Sabah to the attention of national leadership, including in the most recent meeting between PBS leaders and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, where a number of key issues concerning the people of Sabah were highlighted and discussed.

“I dare to say that PBS is the only most multi-racial party in Sabah, where its members and leaders are from all different ethnic groups representing the whole people of Sabah. We in the party, and among the BN components, always respect one another and value our mutual understanding. So, those who said PBS is no longer relevant could not be more wrong,” he said.

Radin also said that the current BN government in Sabah is strong enough to prevent the opposition from taking over power, because it has has always put the interest of the State and the people first before anything else.

Unity in diversity, he said, has been the greatest assets of BN in Sabah.

“We (BN) are made of many political parties and we are all comrades in our struggle for the people. Because of our diversity, we have the luxury of identifying which party and candidate is most suitable for certain areas based on its demography. That’s why we are strong,” he said.