‘KDC’s community service programmes put rural folk first’

Philimon plants a bamboo tree to mark the start of KDC’s community service programme at Rumah Sering in Nanga Temiang.

Philimon plants a bamboo tree to mark the start of KDC’s community service programme at Rumah Sering in Nanga Temiang.

KAPIT: The district council here will continue carrying out its series of community service programmes in the rural areas, in line with its ‘Go Rural’ policy.

Kapit Walikota Philimon Nuing said the objective was to further raise awareness among the rural folk of key social aspects covering health, environment, community, economy, security, education, infrastructure and development of youths.

“Having said this, Kapit District Council (KDC) will hold its last community service programme for this year tentatively this November at Rumah George Tang in Nanga Dap, Batang Rajang.

“The aim is to bring members of the longhouse communities across Kapit together to meet their elected representatives and officials from various government agencies, and be updated on the latest government policies and development news.

“This programme also serves as the platform for longhouse residents to highlight any issue, proposal or grievance to the representatives,” he said during a ‘Leaders Meet People’ session held at Rumah Sering Salang in Nanga Temiang, Song District recently.

The function, themed ‘Healthy Lifestyle Practices’, was part of KDC’s community service activities last weekend that comprised a blowpipe competition, folk games such as ‘batak lampung’ and ‘gendang pempat’, gunny sack race, mass aerobics session and a poco-poco dance showdown.

Philimon pointed out that as far as the council’s programmes for this year were concerned, the key focus had been on the love for and preservation of the environment, especially the rivers.

“The rivers are vital to our livelihood. They provide food and in many areas, people still depend on them as means of transportation. Hence, we are reminding the rural folk to take really good care of the rivers, keeping the cleanliness and making sure that they would not suffer from pollution and contamination,” he said.

Later, Philimon on behalf of KDC announced an allocation of RM8,000 for the development and security committee (JKKK) of Rumah Sering for the construction of the longhouse’s public toilet and archway.

The session was attended by 400 longhouse villagers and distinguished guests including Katibas assemblyman Datuk Ambrose Blikau Enturan and his wife Datin Marie Therese Malthias, Kapit Deputy Walikota Tapah Ata, Song District’s Office administrative officer Robert Segie and local community leaders Penghulu Baling Jengen and Penghulu Jamit Untam.

For the record, KDC kicked off its series of community service programmes early this year at Kampung Baru Kapit.

This host of programmes is a continuation of the council’s ‘Go Rural’ policy, which was established in 1996.

It covers four state constituencies – Katibas, Pelagus, Baleh and Belaga – under the larger parliamentary areas of Kapit and Hulu Rajang.

Funding is under the Local Government and Community Development Ministry.