Pemandu’s survey on people’s support for English as teaching instruction lauded


KUCHING: Members of the public lauded Pemandu NKRA education team for their survey and gauging of the people’s support for English as a teaching language.

In a recent random survey on the public’s respond carried by The Borneo Post, Sarawak Bloggers founder Cyril Dason said Pemandu’s survey had enabled the silent majority to be heard.

“Often in this country, we have heard the voices of the ‘noisy minority’, so doing a survey like what Pemandu has done allows the silent majority to actually have a say on the matter.

“I hope the survey will be better promoted to the masses and perhaps some booths or kiosks can be set up to reach more people so their views can make a difference,” he said.

He opined that duration of such a survey should be prolonged so that as many relevant people as possible like teachers and educators can respond to the survey.

“While the opinion of the general public is useful, we should not forget those who are in the system such as students and educators,” Cyril said.

Another respondent said now is the chance for the people to be heard on this matter.

An educator said she fully supported using English as a medium of instruction for teaching.

“I think at least Maths, Science and Economics should be taught in English so that students find it easier when they go for further studies,” she said.