Saturday, December 3

STAR is fully committed to USA and Sabah’s full autonomy


KOTA KINABALU: STAR Sabah is fully committed to the United Sabah Alliance (USA) or Gabungan, the local parties coalition and its cause under the Borneo Agenda for the restoration of Sabah rights as an equal partner in Malaysia and for full autonomy, said Evelyn Gobile, Star Sabah information chief on Saturday.

The party’s central working committee (CWC) meeting, chaired by Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, was briefed on the latest developments on the Gabungan or USA and its vision and mission and core values which included full autonomy for Sabah, 20-Points, adoption of 1-Country 2-System on government administration and policies, Sabah IC, Native Rights and NCR forever, a new Federal Constitution and review of Sabah’s oil rights.

The CWC also welcomed the latest appointments, including many newcomers and unanimously endorsed and gave their full commitment to STAR Sabah’s participation in USA and to work towards USA winning the 14th General Election to form the Sabah government and to restore Sabah rights and full autonomy to truly develop Sabah.

In his briefing Dr Jeffrey advised that although the awareness for Sabah rights began in the 1970s, the real struggle only began following his detention under ISA in the early 1990s. However, according to him, the seed of the ‘perjuangan’ (struggle) was only educationally planted by UBF in 2010 and planted politically by STAR only in 2012 prior to GE-13, and, although already growing still needed time to fully mature, including STAR Sabah itself.

Dr Jeffrey added that although it won only a single seat, it was a commendable starting point and a platform to expand, similar to PKR which started with a single parliamentary seat in the 2000 general election.

Dr Jeffrey thanked STAR Sabah and UBF teams for helping to awaken and enlighten the people on Sabah rights and making them realize that Sabah and Sarawak are kingmakers to decide who ruled Putrajaya.

The CWC members were reminded by Dr Jeffrey to re-double their efforts, especially in Umno areas, so that USA candidates will be able to wrest some of the Umno seats in the coming election and enable a change of the Sabah government, who are merely proxies for their Malayan political masters and unable to fully defend and restore Sabah rights and its full autonomy.

He thanked those comrades who have opted for PCS and look forward to working with them under USA. He also hoped that they will continue their efforts to restore Sabah rights, but reminded the CWC that moving from one party to another under USA was not a gain in the fight for Sabah rights. They should focus on attracting more support from within BN and Umno’s rank and file which were crucial to winning in the elections.

Dr Jeffrey and the CWC welcomed Datuk Ismail Gimbad, Jackson Minto, Raymond Tombung, Ribus Tingadon and Jeremiah Yee to the advisory council and the new vice-chairman, Jeffrey Kumin, the former DAP Sabah organizing secretary and treasurer, who believed that STAR Sabah is best suited and truly serious in fighting for Sabah rights.

New chiefs appointed included Hj. Samad bin Mesinggi for Ranau and Mathius Manang in Keningau. Other new appointees included new heads for Tandek, Joel Masilung, Tony Angang in Kuala Penyu, Rosland Yussof in Sg. Sibuga, James Ait in Kuamut, Bidin Jawa in Sulabayan and Sylvester Balon for Limbahau.

Meantime, the CWC with stalwarts like Edward Linggu, Jalumin Bayogoh, Kong Fui Seng, Hj. Baharuddin Hj. Nayan, Evelyn Gobile and Feddrin Tuliang, was strengthened with several new appointments, including, Robert Tawik, Hassan Hami, Joseph Gasis, Kutiuh Katim, Clarence Chin, Fareed Eddison Solimin, Tingkun bin Penimbol, Lojuin bin Gintoron, Trijah @ Rediah binti Limpakan, Hairom bin Datuk Ismail, V Chong Vin @ Siau Ho, Fred V. Marukau, Johari Pongod, Joseph Sabayoi, Leo Lidi Okala and Willie Arimput.