Thursday, November 30

Call for deputy resident post given to Chinese getting louder

Lai (fourth right) and other Chinese community leaders and members pose for group photo after the meeting.

Lai (fourth right) and other Chinese community leaders and members pose for group photo after the meeting.

KUCHING: The voice of the Chinese community with regards to their request to be given the vacant Serian Deputy
Resident post is getting louder and clearer.

The latest to echo the call made by a councillor of Serian District Council, Sunny Kon, for the post be given to them were community leaders and representatives from various Chinese-based organisations and bodies in the division.

They made known their stand during a meeting involving the various organisations and societies in Serian recently.

Among them were four Chinese community leaders namely Kapitan Jong Muk Ku (Mile 29 Benevolent Society), Kapitan Chai Ko Bui and Jong Bun Choi (Serian Benevolent Society) and Kapitan Gee Ah Chok (Bedup Farmer’s Association).

They were joined by leaders and representatives from other Chinese societies and organisations such as Serian Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC), Hopoh Serian, Serian Tua Pek Kong, Mile 32 Persatuan Pela Baki and Wai Tan Kung Society.

SCCC chairman Cr Lai Chau Liong, who represented the group, said while they were very happy with the appointment of Dahim Nadot as the first Resident of Serian their hope was that the government would consider their request to pick a Chinese as deputy resident.

“We totally agree with what Cr Sunny and Kapitan Irene Chia have said about the matter and for the record we strongly feel it is not their personal views but a general and collective opinion of all the Chinese community in Serian Division.

“The Chinese from Siburan, Beratok, Tapah, Baki, Tarat and Serian are solidly behind the idea of having a local Chinese as deputy resident because they believe it is easier for them to communicate and deal with someone from their own community because they speak the same language,” he said.

As for the candidate to fill the post, Lai said they would leave it to the prerogative of the state government to pick from among the most qualified individual from the community.

“I am sure we have quite a number of qualified candidates the government can choose from,” he added.

He reiterated that it was their humble hope that their request was seriously looked into in view of the growing Chinese population in the division, especially now that more commercial centres had been planned in Serian, Siburan, Tapah and Beratok.

The recent meeting was also attended by SCCC secretary Chong Kuet Hiung, Mile 32 Persatuan Pela Baki representative Chong Kian Onn, SCCC assistant chairman Chai Mui Lee, SCCC committee members Hii How Tong and Lo Jee Khin, Hopoh Serian representative Chai Min Choon, Chai Piang Teck (Mile 29 Benevolent Society), Foo Tze Onn (Wai Tan Kung) Tua Pek Kong chairman Chai Kan Seng and committee Kong Min Kian, Liew Sau Jun (Balai Ringin Farmer’s Association) and Chai Nyuk Chong (Serian Buddhist Association).