Saturday, October 19

Cuepacs hopes Budget 2016 bring goodies for its members

Ahmad Malie

Ahmad Malie

KUCHING: Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs), Sarawak branch has high hopes that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will announce incentives for civil servants in Budget 2016.

Its chairman Ahmad Malie said civil servants in Sarawak had been hoping for the government to announce something good for them, as demonstrated by Cuepacs Sarawak which often asked what civil servants would get in the coming budget.

“As a response to such queries, Cuepacs Sarawak informed them that Cuepacs at the national level has always made proposals to the federal government, especially to the prime minister to consider various incentives such as in the form of welfare services to the civil servants.

“Therefore, in the coming Budget tabling on Oct 23, Cuepacs Sarawak really hopes that the prime minister can announce three months bonus, increase in housing allowance for civil servants grade 44 and above, increase in cost of living allowance for civil servants in Peninsular Malaysia and regional incentive for Sarawak and Sabah civil servants, as well as salary review for all civil servants,” he said when asked on Cuepacs Sarawak’s expectations for the coming Budget 2016.

Ahmad said the requests by Cuepacs Sarawak were nothing new as national Cuepacs had been requesting the same from the federal government for a long time without making much headway.

“For example, Cuepacs proposed two months bonus before this but only half month bonus was announced.”

Therefore, he said, Cuepacs Sarawak really hoped that the prime minister would announce incentives and rewards that would please the civil servants in the coming Budget.