Pupils savour the great outdoors at camp

Empari (right) with teachers, coaches and camp trainers taking a break at the camp.

Empari (right) with teachers, coaches and camp trainers taking a break at the camp.

MIRI: Fifty-eight Primary 4 and 5 pupils attended a four-day outdoor education camp at Miri District Camp Co-curriculum Centre in Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang College recently.

Camp coordinator Empari Hong said the camp was held to help the pupils to have more confidence in themselves through outdoor activities such as repelling, abseiling, ‘flying foxing’, outdoor cooking and orienteering.

“Such activities are designed not to seek the daredevils in them, but to assist them in developing the ‘can do’ spirit, teamwork and cooperation.

“Don’t let fear control you or feel discouraged by it; get over it and be brave instead,” he said.

He added that the pupils also got to know more about other people’s culture and traditions, such as cooking chicken in bamboo known as ‘manuk pansuh’ in Iban.

Meanwhile, head trainer Voon Siong Fatt said that the orienteering part of the programme was important in enhancing the pupils’ sense of direction and survival skills.

He said the result of the camp was indeed very promising, and that the participants really enjoyed themselves. They begged for more chances to try out such activities in the future.

“I enjoyed all the activities, especially the ‘flying fox’ because I got to see an aerial view of the beach from the top,” said Claudia Simba of SK Sungai Buri.

Besides SK Sungai Buri, other schools that sent pupils to the camp were SK Sungai Liam, SK Lepong Ajai, SK Sungal Entulang, SK Sungai Biar, SK Sungai Sebuti, SK Sungai Selepin, SK Sungai Bakas, SK Beluru Central and SJK (C) Hua Kwong.

Camp observer Alhadi Ekn added that the camp was a good opportunity for the pupils – who came from sub-urban and rural areas – to break out of their shell and “see the world”.

SJK (C) Hua Kwong trainee teacher Hii Lee Ling hoped parents would like the event as it was a healthy activity while the trainers were all experts in their fields.

“This is a very precious experience for me as it sets me on the right path to becoming a great teacher and trainer,” he said.