Sunday, August 9

Society thanks public for generous support

Yii (centre) attends to customers at the roasted pork counter.

Yii (centre) attends to customers at the roasted pork counter.

KAPIT: Che Quan Khor Moral Uplifting Society yesterday expressed its gratitude to the communities here for their generous support of its fundraising sale.

Being a non-profit organisation, its chairman Yii Kau Chai said it depended on proceeds from fundraising activities to run its activities.

“We’re indeed very thankful to all the Chinese based non-governmental organisations, clubs, individuals as well as our members for their generous support to make this fundraising sale a great success. We hope to raise at least RM5,000 to finance our planned activities.

“Kapit is a small place and we can’t raise a lot of money each time but every sen and ringgit collected we will put into good use to keep the society moving,” Yii said at the launch of the fundraising sale held in front of the Hock Leng Ten Temple.

Yii also said this year had been a busy one for the society.

“Earlier, we had the anniversary celebration, children colouring competitions, devotional sessions and now the fundraising sale,” he added.

Che Quan Khor Moral Uplifting Society is a registered social welfare organisation to promote goodwill and harmony.

Present at the launching of the sale were Temenggong Tan Kian Hoo, Pemanca Yong Thu Fook, Kapitan Yap Hui Li, Kapitan Neo Hoi Kee, Kapit Chamber of Commerce chairman Dato Yong Hua Sying and Cr Chu Sing Lung.