Central Hulu Sungai preserves forest


BARABAI: Acting Regent of Central Hulu Sungai (HST) Ngadimun declares the local government and community seeks to maintain sustainability, Antaranews reported.

Acting Regent argued that after meeting with participants of outbound from South Kalimantan Education Agency in Barabai (165 kilometers north Banjarmasin), Friday night.

“Maybe from the 13 counties and cities in the province, only this district which still retains the preservation of forests,” he said answering journalists who are members of the Journalist Parliament Community (JPC) South Kalimantan.

For example, the ban on coal mining, which generally are in forested areas. “The ban is based on Regional Regulation (Perda),” he said while in the home office of the local regent.

“We look forward to whenever forest conservation in HST which most relatively virgin keep being maintained, despite changes in leadership,” continued Ngadimun who is also the Head of South Kalimantan Education Agency.

With preserved forest conservation, he explained, both directly and indirectly benefits society of “Earth Murakata” or Central Hulusungai, such as is no short of water even in dry season.

Because, according to him, to stay awake sustainability is able to store a backup or water supply during the dry season.

About the smog, he claimed, Earth Murakata especially Barabai was shrouded in some time ago, but no more in the last three days when the rain fell.

Previously, HST Assembly supports the rejection of coal mining in the district, because it will contribute to deforestation, which in turn could interfere with other preservation of natural resources (SDA).