Friday, December 3

Health agency chasing mad dogs


BARABAI, South Kalimantan: The Central Hulu Sungai Health Agency chasing herds of mad dogs now roaming Barabai, especially at night, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

Head of Central Hulu Sungai (HST) Health Agency drg Kusudiarto here on Friday said public complaint related to many herds of rabid dogs in the town of Barabai.

“We have hunted the crazy dogs. However, the dogs emerging at night, so the officers have trouble to catch them,” he said.

Nevertheless, he said, the agency keep working to address the herd of the dogs, so that people again feel safe.

According to Kusudiarto, the dogs are feared to be harmful to society, because they can cause rabies.

He explained traits of mad dog that could cause rabies, among others, when bite looks unhealthy, agitated and aggressive, then came out of his mouth excessive saliva and tongue hanging, aloof, and like in a dark place.

In addition, the tail between the legs bent back, biting anything around it, either objects or people, even biting dog owners who have been familiar with it.

Other characteristics are afraid of light, not eating and drinking, but feeling very thirsty, afraid of water (hidrofobi), as well as fear of sound.

If there are people who fell ill, the first step to be taken is to wash the bite wound with running water and soap (detergent) for 10 minutes, then rub wound with alcohol, iodine or iodine tincture.

Furthermore, the victim should be immediately taken to the hospital, puskesmas or other medical facility to be given antirabies serum.

South Kalimantan is one of the areas of contracting rabies. Prevention efforts continue to be made by local authorities with the provision of VAR for each patient bites HPR and mass vaccination in animals.