Monday, May 20

Comatose snatch theft victim regains consciousness

Wong kisses Lee after promising to renew their marital vows.

Wong kisses Lee after promising to renew their marital vows.

SIBU: Comatose snatch theft victim Lee Sing Kiew, 55, who sustained serious head injuries in 2013, regained consciousness last November.

Her overjoyed husband Wong Sing Poh, 59, said his family was elated with her miraculous recovery.

“These two years, our four daughters have been taking turns to take care of their mother. I believe her improvement is due very largely to the power of love expressed by the family, relatives and friends,” he said during a visit by Dudong assemblyman Yap Hoi Liong and the media yesterday.

“Now, Sing Kiew can take porridge, eggs and supplements. We massage her every day.”

To celebrate her recovery, Wong intends to renew their marital vows, made in 1979, when Lee has improved enough to stand and walk.

“Sing Kiew approved of it. When I told her, she blinked her eyes and smiled. Her legs and fingers could move too,” he revealed.

“I will bring her to take wedding photographs.”

On Oct 30, 2013, Lee was walking from a beauty salon to her car by the Sibu Town Square around 8.30pm when she fell victim to a snatcher.

Doctors told Wong his wife only had five per cent chance of recovery after surgery for critical head injuries.

She did show signs of consciousness shortly after the surgery but quickly slipped into a coma, which would last for two years.

In July last year, the culprit was sentenced to 18 months in jail.

Despite the pain and anguish caused to Lee and her family, they have forgiven her attacker, who is said to come from a broken family.

“I am happy with the expressed spirit of forgiveness from the victim’s family. It’s something for us to learn,” said Yap, who has been attending to the family since the incident.