Friday, August 6

Workers complain of road damage caused by heavy lorries


KUCHING: Factory owners and workers at Muara Tabuan Light Industrial Park are tired of the countless enormous potholes created by heavy lorries bearing sand and stones to the jetty.

Although workers joked about having a pothole large enough to put out a crocodile alert during rainy days, the reality of inhaling dust and dirtying their cars every day is wearing their patience thin.

Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong urged the relevant authorities to take action and find a permanent solution for the problem caused by heavy lorries using the road to transport sand and stone to the nearby jetty.

“The jetty site is muddy and not tar-sealed. When lorries drive in and out, they don’t clean their tyres and end up bringing out all the dirt and mud. It causes pollution.”

The junction where Lorong 3 meets Lorong 8 is of particular concern as a wide pothole takes up most of the road.

Yong suggested that Kuching City South Council (MBKS) look into providing a permanent solution to save themselves some cost in the long term.

“Improve the road foundation or solve the root cause. If you keep tar sealing it, it only causes wastage,” she said, equating that solution to putting a band aid on a big wound.

She also called upon the Department of Environment to make sure the lorries clean their tyres and not bring mud out of the jetty area.

“It’s also the responsibility of our government to ensure that the working condition here is as clean as possible. I think this is not fair to all the workers here. They work long hours and you’re asking them to inhale all this dust.”